Kindness and Respect: An Experiential Approach to Social-Emotional Learning, by Charlie Richardson

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Kindness and Respect, written by Charlie Richardson, Jess Anderson, and Lisa Steele-Maley, is a manual of practical, proven methods for building a healthy, resilient, and engaged community of learners.

Packed full of activities, this book offers educators, administrators, and organizational leaders a reference guide for supporting students and staff in developing personal and collaborative skills. Facilitators can learn how to create space for participants to engage in effective communication patterns, build relationships, practice decision making, collaborate, reflect, process, and adapt.

Kieve Wavus Education has used the experiential model to help young people learn, practice, and reflect on these life skills for decades. In this volume, KWE strives to positively impact the lives of even more young people by offering our approach and curriculum to a wider audience.

Kindness and Respect is an accessible guide and resource that will benefit people of all ages-- and their classrooms, schools, and workplaces.